Welcome to ACE

We are a community of excellence where;


  • High achievement is the standard;
  • Students are motivated and challenged in a safe, fun environment that nurtures lasting memories;
  • Families, staff and students unite to build a safe community that contributes to a lifetime of learning.



The History of our School, Athens to ACE:

Athens School was originally a two-room school in Lexington located at 6270 Athens-Walnut Hill Road. In 1912, a four-room building was constructed to house grades first-twelfth. In 1927, a new high school was constructed across the street and the other building was used for elementary students. An addition was built onto the high school in 1967. The following year the high school was converted to an elementary school and the original four-room structure was torn down. In 2006, Athens Elementary closed its doors to move to a new location at 930 Jouett Creek Drive. The name of the school also acquired the Chilesburg community name and was renamed Athens-Chilesburg Elementary which we many times refer to as ACE. Today, we serve as a Kindergarten-Fifth Grade school for over 750 children.




The special area department is implementing a new quarterly grading system for fourth and fifth graders. In each class students have been asked to reflect on their progress, and to assess themselves honestly. Our goal is to spark a more valid dialog at home regarding what each student actually learned in his or her special’s classes. Hopefully this will be more meaningful than a 100% participation grade on every student’s report card.


*** Due to current enrollment at Athens Chilesburg Elementary for the 2016-17 school year, we will no longer be accepting K-5 registrations.  Fayette County Public Schools requests that residents of Athens Chilesburg attendance area enroll at Garrett Morgan Elementary School (effective June 6, 2016).

Please visit http://www.fcps.net/schools/elementary/garrett-morgan for  information about Garrett Morgan Elementary. ***



STAFF Spotlight: Did You Know...?

Mrs. Cain, ACE 4th Grade Teacher loves to read. When she isn't teaching, she spends time working with Girl Scouts, and going to the gym. She has one daughter and is also the proud owner of a dog named Bentley. One of her favorite foods is spaghetti. The song "Happy," desribes her philosophy of teaching. If she were not a teacher she would be a graphic designer.


Mrs. Reynolds, 2nd Grade Teacher, loves to travel to the Caribbean. If she were not a teacher she would be a full time travelor and work as a reporter for the Travel Channel.
Mrs. Reynolds has two sons who are doctors. While she is driving home from school she listens to 70s music. It is her hope that over the course of the school year she will inspire her students to become determined and hard working individuals.